Photo of the Week

Small Format Photography - Lighting File Inspiration.   Photo by Tyler Brock

This week students were asked to start a lighting file, research a photographer's image and emulate the lighting technique as a guide to learn on location lighting with small strobes. Tyler placed a strobe outside the Glaze King Donuts shop, aimed through the window as the staff cleans up at the end of the night.


Photo of the Week

Small Format Photography Weekly assignment - Painting With Light

Photo by Val Spencer 

This week students had to create a photograph by using their small strobe to "paint" a scene. Val used multiple gelled strobe flashes in 30 seconds to create this view of the Pisgah Covered Bridge. 


Photo of the Week

Small Format Photography Weekly assignment - Street Photography

Photo by Katie Parker

Small Format Photography's Long Lens Lab

Students in the Small Format Photography class learned to shoot with the long 300mm f2.8 lenses during a lab on campus as seen from the school's drone.


RCC Photo Grad Scott Witter Photograph of Janet Evans Gets Wheaties Box Honors

Olympic swim champion Janet Evans graces the cover of a Wheaties box.  -
Congratulations to Scott Witter for an amazing achievement!
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