We estimate there were 50-60 RCC photo students in NYC at this year's Photo Plus Expo (including both 1st and 2nd year students). All 2nd Year students were provided complimentary transportation due to the RCC Photo Challenge Fund, and more than 20 students were able to attend PPE seminars in exchange for volunteer work at the Expo and PDN Gala event. Special thanks to Katrin Eismann, Moneer & and the other PPE organizers for the opportunities they continue to extend to RCC photography students.

For many students this was their first trip to New York, who despite the heavy rain Thursday and snow on Saturday, had a gloriously clear Friday for photographing the city.

Photo Department Head Chuck Egerton was honored to visit the eminent photographer Rodney Smith at his home in New Jersey (who currently has RCC commercial student Brandon Warren as his intern).

Each of our instructors and staff contributed in some way, above and beyond normal duties, to make this trip a great success!

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לימודי תעודה בצפון said...

I wish my school will take me to visit in NYC. The video is awesome. You could not get a clearest day like that - lucky