Photo of the Week

Photojournalism I - Photo A  Day Project. Photo by Sarah Louya.

An Asheboro Fire Department firefighter ignites the fire for training on Tuesday afternoon during the controlled burn on Sunset Avenue. (photo by Sarah Louya)

Photojournalism I students are assigned to create a photo each day this Fall semester and post to a blog. Below are the students and their Photo A Day blogs.

TJ – https://tjcarrphotoaday.wordpress.com

Kara – https://podbykaracurl.wordpress.com/

Alison – https://photoadaybyallisonisley.wordpress.com/

Jessica – http://podnuzzojessica.blogspot.com/

Whitney – https://podbywhitneyjohnsonkeller.wordpress.com/

Sarah –  https://podbysarahlouya.wordpress.com

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