The Passion Assignment

                                                Photo by Ben White

                                               Photo by Eden Holt 

                                                                Photo by Katie Parker 

                                                          Photo by Madison Rivera 

The final assignments for PHO 111, Photographic Corrections and Finishing, has become known as the “passion” assignment.  Since August, 1st year photography students have learned how to properly finish and present their photographs following very rigid, strict and technical guidelines. This is not always an easy or enjoyable task for such creative minds. For the “passion” assignment, however, the students are assigned to create an image using their medium format, film cameras. That’s it…almost. They are required to print and mount the photograph using the skills they have learned this semester. As they approach this assignment, the students are instructed to have fun with their cameras and to recall and write about the reason they enrolled in the RCC Photography program in the first place…a passion for photography.

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